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Janitrol heater question

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Nov 30, 2001
Anyone know what the fuel burn is of a 45,000 BTU Janitrol? Looked in the POH and can't find it anywhere.

I don't know, but have also asked the question and was told that it was such a small amount that it did not matter.
Maybe there is an A&P on the board..
I've asked around too and everyone has a different answer. I've heard 1.3, 1.5, 1.7 but can't find anything concrete. The Seminole POH says its heater burns half a gallon an hour but it doesn't say how many BTU the heater is. I've also seen in an Aztec POH that the fuel consumption is small enough that it doesn't matter and I'm pretty sure that's a bigger heater than the heater in the Seminole. So who knows?
The Duchess i've been flying has a 45,000BTU Janitroll in it, and it says it burns 2/3 of a gallon per hour. Hope this helps
That was a question on my checkride! BradG is right - the Duchess uses that heater and it draws 2/3 of a gallon per hour from the right tank.

½ gallon an hour is what I remember. By the way, be sure you know which tank from which the Janitrol draws fuel. I am sure it is also the right tank on the Seminole.

I would also add that some examiners have a real fetish (?) about the Janitrol. Some examiners have been known to consume most of the oral on the Janitrol. They ask question after question about the heater. Such as, how it is ignited (I recall it has two electrical "points"), what you do if the heater won't fire (Reset the points - the breaker may be a button you push under the nose gear. Don't quote me on that; it's been nearly nine years since I even thought about Seminole systems). The long and short of it is know the Janitrol inside and out before you take your practical. And that goes for both Private and Commercial multi applicants.
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bobbysam - at least regarding the Duchess, you're right about the breaker. Your memory is good for nine years! There's a round access panel on the belly, just aft and to the right of the nosegear that you can remove to get access to the button to reset the breaker. I have to do it all the time in the winter months, and with the 8 screws or whatever to remove the access panel, it's kind of a pain. After landing, we're told to run the blower with the heater off for a few minutes to avoid tripping the breaker. Many pilots forget to do this and keep the heater going until shut down. Then I either get stuck resetting the d*mned thing or flying with my jacket on.
Your memory is good. I don't think it matters where the fuel is supposed to come from because the thing is never going to work when you need it On the P-baron I flew I spent most of my time in the nose well resetting the button. The Cheyenne II we had, the heater would quit at the most inopertune time. At night, at the flight levels, with over two hours of flying to do. Building a fire in the trash can was a thoughtful option because we did not have enough blankets and coats and the weather below was not an option to go into.

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