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I've been reminded how much Logbook Pro completely sucks, Alternatives please.

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Well-known member
Feb 7, 2003
I paid a lot of cash for logbook pro professional edition, and after just having to go through and fix a whole new group of entries because of poor software design, I want to find an alternative.

Does anyone know what my best options are? Especially if it integrates in any way with the iphone.

If U don't like lbookpro, I don't see how you'll like anything else, unless you make your own logbook. The only exception may be that the MAC logbook is better...don't have too much info on that product.

Anyone have any experience syncing APDL with LogtenPro? Until an iPhone ap comes around that does what APDL does (I know it sucks, but is still better at tracking pay/duty than anything else out there right now), I'm stuck with it.



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