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It's Dark Outside

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May 21, 2002

I'm trying to get up to IFR 135 mins but am short on the night time. Is it possible to split the cost with another pilot by flying approaches at night? (Both log the time because one is sole manipulator and the other is PIC).

Is this legal? Any thoughts?
Both can log the time

I can't see why you cannot. Of course, only the "sole manipulator" at the time gets to count the approaches.

I'm sure there will be other opinions.
Assuming you mean that one is under the hood shooting the approaches, I can't see why not. I've logged a few hours of night safety pilot time myself.

Now, a curious other question, nightwing (and this isn't a criticism at all!) - how can you have 1200 hours and not have 100 hours of night!? lol - I'm just kidding around because I LOVE flying at night, and can't imagine having more than 90% of my time be during the day. :D

I have less than half your total time, but almost double the 135 IFR mins for night time. Wanna swap some? ;)
I work for an aerial mapping company and most of the flying we do is day VFR. I try and fly cross country at night whenever possible, but I haven't had the opportunity to lately. That's what got us talking about splitting the night time. It seems perfectly legal, but could appear suspicious in a logbook.

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