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Island Air Pilots

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Mar 19, 2002
Ok so I have a few questions. First off I have a interview scheduled and was wondering what hotel to stay at in Honolulu? I booked at the Best Western.
Do they have or not have the sim ride anymore? and what type of sim is it and whats the profile? Also any power settings and configurations would help .
The written exam from what I have read is based on the ATP written, True? Do they just ask basic questions or do they give you questions with figures? Like wt&balance or charts?
I also read you are recieving a pay raise in december and was wondering what the new pay scale is.
Any info would help and yes I have already read all the gouges at aviation interviews.com. I am just digging for a little more detail. Thanks
What kind of times did you have to get the call? Did someone walk in your resume? I am hoping for an interview call soon as well. Thanks
When I interviewed I stayed at Best Western too. It's right by the airport on Nimitz Hwy, and only 2 minutes from your interview site. It can be a little noisy due to freeway.

To my knowledge, there is no sim ride here in HNL. If they DO use one, most likely it'll be a basic multiengine sim.. ATC-810. But I really don't think they use sim in HNL anymore.
I've heard they use the sim in ATL.

Written test is simple. No W&B, just weather, multiengine aerodynamics questions, FAR 91, airport markings... simple.

As for payscale... 1st year FO - $19.14/hr on Dec 1.

It's a great place to work... good luck!

I interviewed in HNL recently and am now in the pool.

I probably wont be much help with cheaper accomodations, as I stayed at the Double Tree (to get Hilton points)with a flight crew rate of about $95/night. Nice clean rooms, quiet, a modest ocean view, friendly staff. It was located on the western side of the Waikiki area. Drive time to the interview location, via Ala Moana blvd., was 20 to 30 min at around 8-9am, weekday. There was restaurants (CHubway, Hack in the box, etc. thru 4 star restaurants)and convenience stores within a 5 min. walk. Beach was a 5-10 min. jog away(via the Hilton on the beach access). A long swim in the ocean is great for disolving any pre-interview tensions.

Depending on how soon your interview is, you may want to check with a travel agent. I reserved a rental car in advance thru a travel agent and when i got there, I found that rate (the reservation rate)was the cheapest by far in comparison to any rate they could give me on the spot (crew rate included.) I also had a good deal set up for a cheap hotel thru the agent yet decided against it in the end. (no particular reason)

When I was there in HNL, I did not receive a Sim ride. Sorry, I cant give ya any help there. It was my impression that they have given sims in ATL but not in HNL. YET, You never know.

I'm sure you've done this, but if not, do a search on this site for Island Air. LOTS of info. There's some stuff on sim rides and such.

The written I received is from the ATP. I did not have any chart, table, or calculation Qs . But again, you never know.

I dont know much about the new pay scales.

I wish you the best of luck. Enjoy your time there. I cant wait to be back and living there. (Should be soon)

Greigo (Brady-o?)

I have a bit over 2000 hrs. a bit over 500 multi. Some turbine, some turbojet. No one walked in my res. and I dont know anyone there.

It was probably 3-4 months from the time that I sent my res. in , got an application, completed it, did a phone interview and received an interview offer. It was 8 days after my interview that I got the great news of a pool slot notification via email.

It was a little slower at IA at the time I initiated this process, so who knows how long it'd be for yourself. Best of luck. I hope this helps.

Griego, I faxed a resume in about 2 to 3 months ago . I recieved a email about a month ago asking to send them an updated resume with a self addressed stamped evelope so they could send me an application. I filled it out asap and sent it back. About 1 week after I sent it I got a call that was unexpected late in the evening west coast time. Hr questions and a few tech. I had about 1550 tt and 200me, no turbine or jet. No 121 or 135 either. Then 3 weeks after the call I recieved a call for the interview.
Jenga, How long ago did you interview? Did they say how long they expect you to be in the pool?

I interviewed in middle, end of June. During the interview I asked how many people were currently in the pool. They would'nt say how many, yet did explain that there is no seniority in the pool, nor is there any sequential order. They pull people from the pool as determined by IA's needs. They did hint that the order is somewhat based on your experience. I assume that means the more experience you have the less time you'll be in the pool. But who knows. I have no idea how long it'll be for me. I think it's a good sign we're still interviewing and there seems to be continual movement.

About when is your interview? And did they offer you later/earlier dates/locations? If so When/where? I'm just curious. It'll give me an idea of whats going on with hiring and classes. Thanks.

Cost of Living?

What's the cost of living like in Hawaii?

Thanks for the help.

Interviewed end of may.. got the pool letter 4 days later. Got a class date mid july for mid august. Got the first class available after I got into the pool.

I "heard" the pool is rarely over 20 and this was when I was IN the pool. Classes average about 10 so do the math. Mixed opinions on the next class. I have heard October and I have heard no more for this year.

I got on with 121 time, and previous Dash time. I know I was on the first list for a class date.

I interviewed in ATL, some people got sim's, I did not... I think (and this is my opinion) those who got the sim were lower time people with lower experience's level's. I cannot quantify experience, but they seem to have a way to quantify it.

Aviationinterviews.com have a really accurate gouge on the interview, and be prepared for the Jepp plate question...

Finally, I got the feeling they like to hire based on attitude and impression more than any other factor. They are a really small 121 airline (about 50 or so pilots) and it is a family atmosophere, so they may be looking for a "family" type of person more so than someone who just's wants a job and a paycheck. My .02, and I will know a lot more when I finally get to class.
Short story is...

Island Air is the ideal job for me. I'm originally from Hawai'i, but currently stuck in SoCal. I'd like to get back to O'ahu. I have 1800+ TT, 215ME, and an ATP. Anyone have any suggestions for what else I can do to get the phone call? I just refaxed the resume today. Anyone I should talk to? Anyone here that can help?

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