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Is this true??

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Nov 25, 2001
Being furloughed (and an internet junkie) I read that 61 pilots (now employed by TWALLC/AAL, originally, employed by the company formerly known as TWA) arrived for work to fly their chariots (717s) and were sent home. HUH?

Is it true that the 717s are being parked?

Any 717 drivers out of STL have any information? (TWA Dude??)
Mostly true


Here's the sitch. The 61 TWA furloughs are for February 4th, so they got the contactual 30 day notice.

The furlough is because we are currently operating only 18 717's though I believe we have all 30 in our possession. The three newest ones were sent to Kansas City ostensibly to be repainted and there they remain. (Boeing delivered all 717s in TWA colors)

The American V.P. of Flight had stated last fall that the 717s would be gone by this fall. He then said last week that they'd be soon flying to be parked in the desert. Last we heard the soonest AA could return the 717s to Boeing was this October, and then only two per month. Of course if AA can find someone to take over the leases then they're gone immediately. There's constant speculation as to some kind of deal in the works regarding 737s, F100s and 717s. We just have no idea how it's gonna turn out.

Despite being the TWA 717 second high-timer I'll likely get displaced to the dreaded MD80 in the next month or two, and if/when all the 717s disappear I'm likely to be furloughed. I'll sure miss my beloved 717.

Hope you get recalled soon.
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Thank you for the informative and quick response.

I didn't know that it was, unfortunately, a furlough.

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