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Is there a demand for CFI's anywhere?

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atlantic flyer

Do a search for the Atlantic flyer online and search for the classifieds, there are lots of CFI jobs listed.
I can assure you, don't come to Denver, CO! I work for Jeppesen (the pilot graveyard) and in my cubicle row we have 14 pilots, of which 1/2 are CFI's (me included). I know of at least 15 CFI's who work here who are looking for any kind of work. This is just in our company. My co-worker who is lucky enough to instruct part time said they get at least one Resume a day and their school has way to many instructors already.

What does everyone think about the bay area in SO CAL?

I fly for a small company in the Northeast (not as an instructor) We have 7 planes and 7 CFI's. I guess we aren't hiring either......
I always push for my old flight school...Bill Law Aviation in Rochster NY....Especially in the summer, there is alot of time to be had....alot of planes (nothing brand new but they all have wings) and the pay is 18 an hour flight and ground.....really laid back and you make your own schedule..no uniform or dress code and no chief flight indtructor on your back....basically you are your own man/women....a ton of fun especially because you get your own students (I had atleast 5 before I even had my final right off for my cfi back in 2000) class c airport with buffalo and syracuse 60+ miles away....i don't know if they are hiring, but all ya have to do is call and say your a cfi and you probably could get a job...its the type of place where you write your name down in the schedule book, hang out by the phone and airport and gather students....great place...Back in the summer of 2000 i was bringing in $600 a week...

billlawaviation.com should still work
Just what I wanted to hear, I'm working on my CFI. How are things looking in Phoenix? Or if all else fails back home in Minnesota? I'm not even gonna bother looking here in Florida!
Phoenix seems to be bone dry for CFI job openings. I don't know of any schools hiring. Every once in a while, I'll see a CFI job opening for Glendale Aviation at the Glendale Airport, but other than that, nothing.

I'm not sure if you'd want to instruct here in the summertime anyways. It was 110 degrees today.......again.

Good luck to all.:cool:
I prefer summer in AZ over Florida. I lived in Tempe for a year and I really miss it. I may move back and whore myself out until I find something flying.

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