Is The Private Jet Charter Market Ready To Be Disrupted?


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Nov 23, 2017
Many private air charter providers usually say they are making private air charter easier, faster and more transparent.

Yet the questions are still there: what is fast? what's easy? what's transparent? Besides, the most important issue is how close the private jet charter segment is to real-time booking as opposed to just quotes and estimates?

Companies usually announce or talk on social media or other communication channels about, a new product or service that is going to transform the industry, from in-flight entertainment and air filtration systems to innovative ways of selling individual seats, real-time booking and finding a way to effectively fill or reduce empty legs. But what are the real metrics to measure if these announcements are real or just enthusiastic marketing!

Suffice it here and now to talk about only two shades of the rainbow: the first an online air charter marketplace and the second a booking application.

To start with the online air charter marketplace, most members of AviMall, AviMall - Connecting Aviation Professionals, say that any private jet broker, charter operator, and air operator would find this online air charter platform very useful, with air operators putting their charter fleet on display ? available to charter brokers in a thrilling win-win situation.

Besides, AviMall has developed and implemented FlyPriva, FlyPriva, to attract new segments of customers to start using empty leg flights and gradually to switch from traveling first & business class with commercial airlines to fly aboard private jets.
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