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ZERT Wilson CQB User
May 6, 2005
How ironic that a major announcement with huge negative impact on hundreds of Netjets employees will be made on 9-11.

Hang on folks, it's going to be a very bumpy ride. Best wishes to all affected.

And don't get me started on the e-mail.
Gutshot that is a little classless. I bet the first thought through your head was "oh, I have to be the first to spread the news".

Get a life. :rolleyes:
Everybody just needs to STFU. Now. We have our own board for this.

No one likes to hear of layoffs but to try to bury it is not facing it. It just goes to show how bad this downturn is. NJ, a strong company, with strong backing, is not immune to the downturn. I pray that all of the people layed off will find it a short term thing.
well now you might as well tell us all. the rest of us all layed people off, its not like you guys are experiencing anything different from flexjet, CS, and shares. We all feel your pain
I'm sorry to hear more bad news. My best to those affected.
Doh, Sparse, and Club, thanks for the sentiments. I'm sure the lay off situation will be discussed in the near future...after all of those affected have been officially notified and have had a chance to privately digest the news first.

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