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interview briefcase

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Dec 29, 2001
Okay -- this may seem like a silly question -- any advice on a proper briefcase for interview day? Is a black, balistic - sort of canvas material acceptable like my laptop briefcase -- or should it definitely be leather? I already have the black canvas laptop type -- wondering if I need to invest in a leather one or does it even matter.... I hate to get hung up on such a thing....

What have you guys and gals all used at your interviews?? Headed to MEM for the fedex interview in a few days.... Thanks to all who responds in advance!!
It was recommended from the interview prep guys I used for my United interview that my briefcase match my shoes. Black leather shoes meant a black leather briefcase. I don't think it should matter, but I'm not interviewing you.

You're going for the professional look.

Best of luck at the interview.


This may sound obvious, but a briefcase is probably the only thing you can borrow. Most of your stuff should be yours (suit, shirt, shoes must fit/be professional), but brief cases are pretty universal. Matching shoes is right, don't forget, belt should match too.
If you don't have enough time or your friends don't have a briefcase that coordinates well with your attire, charge one to your credit card and return it after the interview for a credit. Just take care not to scuff it up. :D


That would send a wonderful message about your integrity, don't you think?

I think it's called "theft by deception" in the legal world.


Borrow or buy one. If no dinero, then go with what you've got. Don't resort to dishonesty.

Limited experience on my part, but just for SWA, it doesn't matter. You drop off your bag/briefcase at the beginning and never touch it again until you leave.

Good luck,
I think it's my sense of humor that's in question and not my integrity. :D I'm not promoting deception or dishonesty of any kind... I bought my briefcase and still own it. Besides, the 30 day return policy has expired - just kidding!
Safe Skies :cool:
FROM: Chief Pilot, Big Kahuna Airlines, Inc.

TO: Mr. Eeyore,

Thank you for attending our recent pilot interview session. I wanted to take this time to past on a few of the comments from our Interview Board. You are the most outstanding pilot candidate we have ever seen. Your background check came back with not so much as a parking ticket. You scored 100% on our written exam, where the average score is only 78%. Even when we tried to trip you up in the oral, you still impressed us. Your Sim. ride set new standards of excellence.

However, we are unable to offer you a position with Big Kahuna Air, and your prospects for a continued career in aviation is severely limited because your briefcase looks like crap.

Chief Pilot, Big Kahuna Airlines.

Finally, a voice of reason.

The perfect interview attire consists of:

1. A well prepared applicant.

2. A conservative well fitting suit.

3. A well prepared applicant.

4. Conservative well polished shoes.

5. A well prepared applicant.

6. A conservative tie.

7. A well prepared applicant.

8. Nobody cares about the briefcase.

9. A well prepared (you get the idea).......

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