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Oct 2, 2003
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For everyone in and around San Antonio. International Flight Center has gone out of business. Our assistant chief pilot has started up a small part 61 school/aero club using two of the IFC airplanes at the same location. He has two C172 M models that are full IFR and are being maintained much better than the IFC planes were. This would be a good place for renters, or individuals looking for good primary or instrument training. The Cessnas will rent for $85/hr and instruction will be $35/hr for primary, $40/hr for advanced, and $30/hr for ground instruction. Right now the schedule is pretty wide open, so getting a plane or instructor will be easy.

Hopefully this will evolve into a well run part 61 school and aero club. Not trying to be the biggest in town, just the best! Located at Piedmont North. Contact Rod Lingsch or John Mitchell at 210-310-8585. Email at or you can PM me for more info.
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Kes Ki Di
Mar 27, 2004
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Good luck guys...SAT needs a good place to rent good planes.

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