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Instrument checkride tomorrow

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Giggity giggity goo!!!
Oct 20, 2004
wish me luck!!! i'm going in at 8:30 for the oral. chances are i won't get to fly b/c of this annoying tropical depression, but if the winds are not too bad, i'll try and get it done!!!
check rides are the only chance you get to show off your skills to someone who cares

unless he says stop this ride keep on and dont crash
If you make a mistake..... DON'T QUIT!!!! One mistake in flying will not kill you, it will be a series of them. Don't quit over one! Good luck! This will be one of your more demanding flying rides. Oral is usually a joke.
uh, sounds like you're in florida. i'm gonna bet you have to put it off, but good lulck when you go. if you do go you'll get some great imc to do it in. watch out for that adf/ndb!
First of all, Cforst good luck!!!

That said, is it true that if at any time durring a checkride, the examiner touches the yoke, you're finished?

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