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Instructing in the Keys?

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surfing the midwest
Feb 17, 2004
With graduation looming in the not-too-distant future, I'm starting to look for fun places to live and work. I've read a little about Key West, and also a little about Marathon. Anybody know anything about Island City at EYW or Paradise Jet Support at MTH?

Paradise Jet support is pretty small.
Me thinks they have only one full time instructor(ess)
And you'll get sick of that island for sure, croos country to Homestead Regional every single time.
Island City is mainly an FBO, they might have 3 172SP or so.
But once again, that island is 5 sq mi, sightseeing flights are gonna take their toll on you.
Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic place to fly in and out, views are staggering.But would not want to fly circles around it every day.
Think about:
How much XC are you going to get?
How much Night are you going to get?
How much IFR/actual time?
How many Instrument and Commercial students?
How many Multi?
I think instructing down there is mostly a part time gig for the guys that fly the banners and sea-planes.
And Key West is a very expensive place to live, rent is ridiculous.
Most people that work on Key West live in Marathon or one of the intermediate Islands. That will give you 45min/hour commute one way.
Do a search on airnav and give them a call.
I think that would be an awsome retirement gig. Have a flight school/dive shop/charter boats/sight seeing/ bar on Marathon,(an active retirement so my wife doesn't kill me). Pull in international students to time build and get jaa licenses or something. Need to make some money and save more if that will ever happen though :rolleyes: . I looked up home prices there. There are single wide trailers starting at 300k! On second thought maybe I'll just be a homeless beach bum on sombreo beach.-kingaira90

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