Instr. time on an application. Career ?


Feb 22, 2002
Total Time
Dear fellow pilots,

I would like your input on couple of questions that I have.

1. what should I include in the Instrument box, on the regional airlines application, my actual instr. + Simulated instr. + Ground Trainer, or I shouldn't include Ground Trainer time with the total.

2. I am in a dilema. I am a Christian Lebanese American (and proud to be an American) who is being an instructor for the last 3 years.
I was wondering if my Middle Eastern heritage will/is working against me in this industry, especially after Sept. 11.
I know that I need to make a decision, (and the Lord will bless me), about staying in the aviation field or change career, but I need to make an educated decision.
Should I wait or should I change career?

Thank you in advance for your input,

With Christ love,