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Initial CFI Checkride

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No requirement on the lesson plans.

When you arrange your checkride, your examiner may ask you to prepare specific lesson plans. Have those ready. But anything beyond that is merely gravy, not required.
schoolio said:
Is there any requirement to have a book full of lesson plans? This is killing me!

The "requirement", as you put it, is (or can be found) in the CFI PTS under Area of Operation I: Fundamentals of Instructing. Task G: Planning Instructional Activity
1. Developing objectives and standards for a course of training
2. Theory of building blocks of learning
3. Requirements for developing a training syllabus
4. Purpose and characteristics of a lesson plan

The biggest deal about the CFI is "ability to instruct", not fly.
The biggest problem with the whole "FOI" area is the lack of experience in that area.
Pilot Certificates require a certain amount of "experience" in flying.
If it were not for the certain "experience" requirements, a person could possibly train to pass the PTS requirements in much less time without x/c, night, instrument, etc "experience". But, while this pilot may be sharp stick-and-rudder wise, his lack of real world experience is an accident waiting to happen. So...the requirement for experience.
...so, with no experience requirements in the CFI training and testing, the actual "experience" you get putting together some lesson plans is to your great benefit. And I mean actually creating them. Developing objectives and standards...etc, not just paste and copy.

You asked for it, Mister...you got it.
I did mine several years ago through the Atlanta FSDO and it was "recommended" to me by the local FBO that knew the inspectors well to have it---I did and used several of them---mine was one of those 10 hour orals. At the end of it, I asked if it had been that long cause I messed some things up and they wanted to give me a chance, and the guy replied "You didn't miss a single thing or say one thing I could argue with---I just like to be thorough!" All I had was a loose-leaf binder with handwritten sheets (with drawings as appropriate) inside of those plastic sleeves--I could take one out and put it in front of him while I drew it out and explained at the blackboard. Worked for me....
Well, took my initial CFI (MEI) yesterday, and passed. Started at 0600, got to the plane at 1430, walked out with my certificate in hand at 1745. What a long day! But I'm sooooo glad it's over! What a relief. Now on to the SE add-on and then II.....more to follow.

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