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Nov 29, 2001
Came across this site one day. Great source of information for students on up. This guy has a lot of stuff you won't find in the commonly regurgitated FAA stuff found in most training books. A lot of the information he provides is real world, practical knowledge gained from experience.

Since 2001, I have all his websites (the PPL, the IR, and the individual aircraft notes) printed out and put into two very large binders. More useful info than I will sort thru in ten years! :)

Agreed, this guy is awesome!

I always have his websites bookmarked, and its always one of the first places I look when I get stumped by something. I'll also go in and read up on something i haven't taught in awhile before a ground or flight lesson sometimes. He always has little tips, tricks, and advice that work alot better then just reviewing the FAA sources sometime! I really like how he write in an easy to understand point of view, like he's jsut sitting there talking to you about it.

And like Snakum said, theres more material then you could read in 10 years! This guy should make a book of this stuff and sell it to CFI's!
I just checked out this site. Really worth reading through if you're just getting into flying or advancing through the ratings ladder.
Amazing. I have been reading that site for the past hour and the amount of info is endless. I too bookmarked it.

Good stuff. Thanks for the link.
I came across this website a few weeks ago, and I agree it is amazing. Great timing for me regarding the IFR stuff too.

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