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Info about ASA

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New member
Mar 9, 2002
I got the call from ASA, can someone tell me what the plan's are for this year. I was told 3 new CRJ:s per month (one 70 seater and two 50 seater:s) for at least the rest of this year, I don't know how much substance it is behind this statement.

How are the current work conditions at the company? A new contract coming up this fall? How long willl you normaly bee on reserve and do I have to move to Dallas or can I stay in Atlanta?

Thankful for some info

/ATL Dude
When you say "got the call" do you mean for an interview, or for a class date? All though its true we are getting @ 3 new planes a month, they are also retiring alot of the EMB's, so its a washout. (by the way, the EMB's are in the floor plan for several more years, keeping 14 in each hub, then phasing out ATL first) The VP spoke to the March new hires this week and told them no more classes this year.

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