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Lets see...wonder what the first question could be.....Ummmmmmmmm.....furloughees and their seniority rights and training contracts...lol

Watch it

Indigo could be the next Jet Blue get in on the ground floor avaition operation, I know one of our pilts went there is very up-beat about the future. He is going to 140 school in the spring.
Re: Hmmmmm

Humblepilot said:
Lets see...wonder what the first question could be.....Ummmmmmmmm.....furloughees and their seniority rights and training contracts...lol


Absolutely, who else is around home all day everyday to watch AvCareer, tv, internet, Playstation, and paint drying?:D

Yea......But my understanding from USA Jet guys.... to Get along with Ralph Hubble you have to meet two basic requirements....(1) Be EX Military.....(2) a Quite a Brown Noser...... Both are preferred.
I Know Dave.......Have great respect for him and don't believe he has any of the above qualities..........but Ralph Thinks so!!!!!!

Pilot Yip should know......in his 1st month at USA Jet he upset quite alot of pilots there and in one month 35 pilots left........
awhile later .......................
he was asked to do the same!!!:cool:
35 pilots leaving

That really was not all Ralph. the owners had a bad coupe of months, laid off 20 pilots out of about 70, took away days off, lowered guarette (sp?) Spirit was hiring and losts the losses followed. So they needed a training program to rebuild and I ggot off of the unemployment line. There is a good side to everything. Only 3 of the lay offs came back and they were all gone by one year. I hear he is doing some good things to get the place organized like he did here at USA Jet.

Ralph Hubbel was not the reason any pilots left USA Jet. They left because they wanted to. Oh, sure, they may have said it was because of Ralph, but here's what really happened:

Those who were disgruntled with Ralph's management style, were so because it cramped their own. Ralph simply administered his duties the way the industry dictated. USA Jet is the best there is in what they do. But what they do is service a need that is not particularly conducive to the lifestyles of many people.

Many young, aspiring, inexperienced pilots went there hoping to gain the necessary experience required for employment at a major carrier or other career destination.

None of the conditions they encountered at USAJet were anywhere near as deplorable as those at other on-demand carriers. And, while it's true that conditions changed dramatically when the recession reared its ugly head, the decisions Ralph made were "strictly business" and his presence there brought never-before-seen changes toward improving the quality of life for the pilots........at least until he could no longer support those changes and still remain competive.

Yeah, everybody there who "left because of Ralph" didn't know the full story or else couldn't accept the possibility that they were simply to blame for their own unhappiness once they became qualified to go elsewhere.

I can't even begin to count the number of pilots who, when first hired, were eternally grateful for the coveted opportunity to "fly jets" and after 6 months to a year, suddenly became dismayed at the fact the conditions there didn't emmulate those at a major.

Sure, Ralph's tough to work for if you don't like to work. But if you do your job well (not brown nose) and keep your nose (whatever color) clean, he'll reward you with many years of gainful and satisfying employment.

If you work for him and begin to dislike him, it's probably because you deserve the treatment he's affording you.
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They claim for the cost of a coach class tickect they can take you from MDW to N.E. NY area for $629 each way. I am wondering why I have yet to see any commercials of them appear on TV. Maybe its time to challenge ATA's new fare structure.

you make the call

INDIGO $629 each way
ATA $99 each way

Who should we fly during tough economic times!!!!
The CP at Indigo is not ex-mil nor is he a career brown-noser. He was recurited by a headhunter. I worked for him when he was the DO at another 135 outfit.

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