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Immediate Learjet 31 SIC Position in Miami

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New member
Nov 30, 2005
Hello we have the following immediate position for a current and qualified Learjet 31 SIC. Please call me at 305-345-1198. Details below:

Copilot position in Learjet 31 available immediately for a motivated, honest, dependable, professional pilot with a good attitude. Pilot will be based in Miami and travel throughout USA & international with 135 passenger trips. Excellent working conditions and future growth. Salary commensurate with experience.

We're looking for a candidate that is current and qualified in the LR 31 with a current FAR 135.293 check (8410) from Flight Safety. Candidate must live within 45 minutes of Tamiami Airport (KTMB).

Please fax or email resume with latest 8410 to [email protected] or fax to 305-234-8882.

Minimum Requirements are current 8410 in Learjet 31 or recurrent or initial Flight Safety Training Certificate in Learjet 31 or Learjet 35 with 31 differences.

2500 Hours total time with 200 hours in Learjet 31 or 500 hours total Learjets.

ATP preferred but not required.
Why are you so adamently against paying to qualify someone? Especially for an SIC slot? Can't be a bazillion LR-31 SIC's current and qualified out there looking for jobs.
Why would any 135 operator advertise for someone who they could train. Why would you not advertise for someone who could help you right away and who comes qualified. If there are none, then, maybe you look for someone who you can train and qualify.

This is not being adament, this is just plain old good business.
I disagree. Good business means hiring the RIGHT person, regardless of qualifications. I would rather have an average pilot with a bit lower time that has a good attitude, good work ethic, and that I know I can depend on rather than a 6000 hour guy that's current and typed, that turns out to be a tool. Case and point....this JUST happened at my company. Rather than training someone within the company to move into our managed CL-60, management opted to hire an already current and typed guy in order to save a buck. Good business? The guy slept in the cockpit with PAX watching, showed up late all the time, and turned out to be a LOUSY pilot. He lasted about 2 months before he was fired. This was after management dropped about $10K to get him current in the Citation.

So many people in this world have a complete lack of ability to see 6 inches past their nose. It's rampant. People can't see the big picture, and trip over dollars to save dimes every single day. I've learned that a person's flight hours doesn't matter near as much as their attitude. By spending that $20K or so to train the RIGHT person for the job rather than hiring that typed and current guy that might turn out to be a jacka$$ just because he's typed and current, how much money do you think you will save in the long run due to good operational procedures, dependabilty, repeat business, and having someone with a good work ethic that you can count on, rather than a guy that's just going to show up, not help the pax as much, not try to negotiate fuel discounts, taxi on one engine at busy airports, and search for ways to save you money because he appreciates the job and works hard to 'pay you back'.

Think about it. "Good business" involves looking at the big picture. You're not. Placing those type of "minimum qualifications" out there for 135 copilot job, eliminates a LOT of good candidates with 2000, 1500, etc. with no Learjet time, maybe even no jet time that would be GREAT for the job. Worried about training cost? 2 words: training contract. There is absolutely nothing in the world wrong with having an insurance policy on someone if you're going to drop that kind of ca$h on them. But anyway, if you treat your people right, and pay them well, they aren't going to want to leave, and that won't even be an issue. But let's face it......135 is a transitional job at best for most bizjet people. Folks are going to leave. But if you hire the right people, and treat them right, they are going to stay longer and work harder. THAT'S good business.
Good post Capnvegetto. A lot of us low time guys would love the opportunity. A good way to get the foot in the door sort a speak. Current in type and learjet time is a deal breaker for me.
available immediately for a motivated, honest, dependable, professional pilot with a good attitude.

I think that covers your rant CapnVegetto, j/k...I completely agree with you.

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