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I'm a glider pilot too

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Nov 17, 2003
Just got back from Chilhowee, TN where I passed my PPL glider add on checkride. All of the transition training (4-5 dual + 10 solo flights) and the checkride was $1549.


It was awesome! I am doing this to broaden my experience, gain a mastery of stick and rudder skills, have a little fun and become qualified to fly in another capacity once I get my commercial.

It's a blast. After the checkride I went up for a solo. It was windy and the ridge was working and I got about an hour of running back and forth on the ridge in 0 sink to 600fpm ridge lift! I got about 400' over release altitude and was quite pleased.

I reccomend it to all the pilots I know. It's a way more pure form of flight, you feel more of what the air and the plane are doing and it is a great educator about how to more properly fly the wing through the air. It's also very, very fun.
Yeah, once I have the commercial, I'll be able to go up there and spend the weekend and give the tourists glider rides = free flying!

I'm planning on doing about 50 hours of Champ time down in Macon so that I'll be insurable in the Pawnee...so I can tow too. I need the 50 hours for my comm...the champ is way cheaper than the 172s I fly...the tailwheel time will make me a better pilot and open doors that would otherwise remain closed...there's a justification in there somewhere.

I'm going to miss training when it's over...I'm getting to do all this cool stuff in the name of training.

Back when I did my Private-Glider add on, it cost me 400 bucks for the training and a bottle of Bombay Gin for the examiner's fee :)

I agree...it's great experience...everybody should do it!

Fly safe!

good job on your add on..
hey whats the deal with getting the tow pilot endorsement? who can give it and what does it entail?
I don't know about an endorsement...that's the first I'd heard of an endorsement being required. I thought training must be required in towing operations...and you're good.

It'll be a long time before that's a hurdle for me (comm airpane and a bunch of tailwheel time before I can even think about it), so I haven't really looked into it.
chongololo said:
Whats the deal with getting the tow pilot endorsement? Who can give it and what does it entail?
I don't remember the specifics, but it's not that big of a deal.

chongololo said:
hey whats the deal with getting the tow pilot endorsement? who can give it and what does it entail?

I used to tow gliders. Its been over 3 years since I've done it so the specifics for the endorsement are rusty and they might have changed. Anyways from what I remember any pilot who is current in towing can give you the endorsement. The training was a few simulated tows and a few real tows under the supervision of the current pilot. You must also take at least one flight in a glider that gets launched via aerotow. Also must know the hand / tow plane / glider hand signals.... IE wag the rudder for ready for takeoff. To stay current in towing gliders all you have to do is tow so many tows in a time period. I think it was less than 5 tows every 12 months. Maybe as low as 1 tow every 12 months. Anyways you'll have to look at a current FAR for that it was 61.something. Towing gliders was the most fun I've ever had in an airplane. If I could make a living at it I would do it forever. Flying gliders is fun to its the only time I can think of when you start to get a little scared when you hear an engine.

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