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IFR question

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So are you saying you do not break down your SIM time?

Multi+Single+Helo(if applicable)=Total+SIM
? (Just qouting a FSDO)
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I don't break down my sim time. There really isn't enough of it to make a positive impact other than to show training and currency.

There is a downside: if your logbook shows you have logged sim time in a way seen as incorrect by the interviewer, you may miss out on something.

Why risk it?
Regarding the Wx minimums question. This might be worth emphasizing for the benefit of those who didn't catch it in the discussion: The 121 regulations pretty clearly specify Visibility, while the 135 regulations refer to less definite "authorized IFR landing minimums" (see 135.225)
The chief counsel's opinion seeks to clarify the 135 regulations (and fails miserably) while the 121 regulations need no clarification.

Just for the heck of it Ill also point out the 1 instance I know where you can begin the approach(cat 1) when wx min less than vis min required.-- I must admit that its not that common but 121: 651(d) allows it if you have both ILS and PAR and pilot uses both.

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