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if money were no object...

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...recognize this?
Mar 31, 2002
theres not much diversity going as far as what one thinks is the "glory job", but im curious as to if money were no concern, what would you want to fly? would only big iron do it for you? RJ captain at well known regional? or would you be just as happy flying a seaplane for a small lodge? perhaps just towing banners would be fine, or maybe cargo in a caravan? etc etc :)

as for me, id love to be able to make a good living doin the seaplane thing ;)
I would like to be a Glider Tow Pilot flying the Super Cub, or maybe even a Glider CFI. I can dream can't I?
I'd want to fly as many different types of planes as I could. So I'd still go to the airlines and corporate. Corporate especially if I want to fly my dream jet, the Citation X! Then some bush flying, sailplane flying...and so on..
It looks good on the outside but the panel is ugly. Hey! I'm doing .92 but my panel is butt ugly!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Glass is for weanies! ;)


PS. I do like the RJ cockpit though.
Rumple, I'm willing to overlook the panel for the sexy outside! I've never seen the panel in person either, so I waiting to pass judgement anyway!

But yeah - if I had my way I'd replace the glass with steam gauges!
The Citation X panel is ugly? Hun, thats one I haven't heard. Isn't the RJ panel all glass? I've heard people say the X itself is an ugly plane, and to a point I agree, at some angles it is a little strange looking, but the panel?

If you want to fly steam gauges, go fly a 152. Steam gauges are for rookies and pilots over 60!!!!
The Citation X ugly!!!??? Blasphemy!

The big beefy belly on that thing just screams, "I'm one baaaaad motherfuuuuucker!!!" :D

I have nothing against glass, as long as I can turn it all off and hand fly the thing like I'm in a Cub - except doing .92!

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