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Identify this aircraft please...

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Mar 31, 2005
I was flying out of O'hare yesterday and noticed an aircraft land that looked like a Challenger but the nose was not as pointy, if that makes sense. It was a bit larger than the standard Challenger that I am familiar with and it was brand spanking new. Had the same shape tail, winglets, and everything, but the only thing I could tell was different was the nose and size. Any help??? It was pretty sharp looking.
It is the New Challenger 300. Most of the one's I see are operated by flexjet. They are really sharp in and outside.
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I might have seen one ofthe new challengers too at TEB. It was operated by Flex Jet according to the last two letters (FX) of the N number.

Weird thing is, I looked at the new Challengers on the Bombarider website and didn't see this specific model. What I thought was distinguishing were the windows. There were very "wrap around" on the sides, unlike the squared off ones on the website. The cockpit windows looked similar to 3 series BMW headlights. Very tapered and pointy at the end, almost swirled to a point upward.

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