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Iad Crashpad

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i am not but my dad retired--i am not sure if that helps. did you get the packet yet?
did anyone ??

Did anyone get the packet yet ??
I talked with several guys at ACA about the paperwork. They have stated that it's sent about a week prior. But it is already a week prior. I will try and call Dean. Still you need to make the show. Who all will be driving to ACA?

No packet here either (and driving)
I called around to some of the military bases looking for a room. They are high as I don't know what. Walter Reed Army billiting wanted 72.00 a day. I have checked with Andrews AFB and it was around 25.00, but the drive is going to be rough. From the bases its about 1 to 1 1/2 hour drive in traffic. It would be easier to just go to class and double bunk until we find somthing. I called Dean and left a message about finding a place to stay.

What is everyone going to try and do?

Dont worry about the packet, if you dont get it, its no big deal. None of the guys in my class got it either. Just be there around 900 am to start orientation. As far as finding a place to stay, ACA can't give you a crashpad listing, but there are places up on the bulletin board. The ones in the crashpads just found places on the first day they were up here. I will try to get some more specific info to you guys on what is available up here. You should probably plan on staying at the holiday inn or something for the first night at least. Parking is good if you are driving. Just park around the back side of the building, there is a huge lot out there.

Good Luck
PILOT 877,

How long did it take ACA to get your I.D completed so that you can jump seat with other airlines?

My class is still waiting for our background checks to clear, make sure you go and get fingerprinted on the first day, and get the drug test and DMV taken care of as soon as possible too. I was told that it could come back at any time, but that it could also take up to 3 months (highly unlikely) ACA will give you a letter verifying employment, and that will be good enough to get you on flights almost right away, but you wont be able to actually ride in the jumpseat without the official ID (Captain's discretion). Most of the guys in class went home this past weekend on either United or ACA with no problems.
Packet Crashpad 7/22

Hi to all in the July 22 Class congrats, looking forward to it. I still haven't recieved the packet either. What time are we do mon. is all I really want to know. understand 900.
I will be driving from FL on sun and plan on staying at Hampton Inn or Holliday in on sun. night hope to find place quickly since hotel bill will add up quick.
As for apartments found three good possibilities in Sterling from 2 bed 1 bath 830 to 3 bed two bath 1100 a month. Not bad with a few of us getting together. Another 2 bed 2 bath also in Sterling 1125 Also one in Herndon Va close by 2 bed 1bath 950 up to 3 bed 2 bath 1125 and a last one in Leesburg 2 bed 1 bath for 850 (may be getto) A three bed split two to a room could be only 200 w/ utilities a month?? or 2 bed 4 ways about the same.
Anyway all have W/D in the apartment and pools fitness etc. and most include all utilities except elec and cable. With car pooling and a few roomates we may be able to get through this reletivly comfotably and affordably. I have mortgage etc. in FL so looking for best alternative. An air mattress and foding table will be plenty for sleep and study. Waiting on details of availability and how long to get a lease, but will update anyone that wants more info most apts should be back to me by FRI.

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