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I thought twister was done

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On May 3rd the company ceased operations. Two pilots were kept on the payroll for various reasons. After a couple of weeks these pilots, the remaining dispatchers and mechanics convinced the owner to continue operating at minimum staffing. Essentially the final result ended up being what every on demand freight company has already done. Fire almost everybody, lie low and hope business gets better.

In my limited contact with the owner I realized that he has almost no aviation knowledge. I actually felt relieved for this guy when he finally pulled the plug. Alliance Air Charter was a cancer on the rest of his business. The guy is in over his head and probably should have kept the place shut down. There were some good people there, but nobody knew what to do when it was obvious that the business model was failing spectacularly. Even at reduced staffing the company is probably still hemorrhaging cash.
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sounds really familiar. but at least someone is getting flight time, and i really hope we all get thought this terrible time. On the other side it looks like royal is doing really well.

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