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I hesitate to do this, but...

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I don't hesitate to say that all of this finger pointing, bickering and slander is silly. I believe the current administrator summarized everything in his recent post on this subject. It all made perfect sense to me. Now we are splitting hairs with copyright infringements, anything to create a dispute. That's just my opinion of course.

Did you happen to notice that the link to that thread has been removed? Search for the word "copyright" and you'll see that all discussion of the subject has been removed. So apparently whether someone owns what he creates has become a taboo subject.

I send a polite not directly to the administrator on the theory that the copyright wording was an error - something grabbed from another site and that admin didn't realize what it said, and I received no reply. Heck, I would even have been willing to rewrite it for them if they responded.

Do you really accept the explanation for not being able to mention a competing forum in a post?

If that's okay with you, it okay with me too.

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