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I have a Commercial license & Multi Engine but no IFR. I am looking for a job

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New member
Jul 8, 2010
Hello I have a Transport Canada Commercial Pilots License and Multi Engine Rating. I have over 327 hrs total time in the following aircraft Cessna 172, Cessna 150, Piper Aztec. I also have a US Private Pilots License, I am in the process of converting my Canadian CPL to US FAA CPL.

Any advice or tips for jobs I can get without an IFR rating. I am willing to move anywhere to fly as a job or build hours. I have over 100 hrs PIC time but need another 150 hrs PIC to apply for my ATPL. Thanks if you can help me.
You need that Inst. rating. The only jobs you can hold with that kind of flight time is a CFI position.
you can fly skydivers. If you hit it right you can earn some decent money and get some good flight time as well. I had a friend that flew at a place with 450 hrs in a 182. He was flying about 6-7 hrs a day on the weekends.
Pipeline gigs may not require IFR but why wouldn't u just get the ifr?
I would like to get my IFR rating, my issue is not enough finances at the moment to get it. I am hoping to get a flying job or non flying job to earn some $$$$ to pay for my IFR rating.

Any suggestions where I can search for pipeline jobs or parachuting jobs? I am refering to specific forums for example or pilot job websites.
Tail-dragger time!!!!!??????

You might be able to tow banners at some resort areas,if you had any "tail-dragger time"!!!!!!!!!
Head to Alaska lots of VFR jobs up there. That will help build you some time but you will still need 500TT to get hired up there

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