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I got bumped

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Jul 23, 2003
Okay, so like a lot of people, I was in OSH. Leaving, I was in the line for the runway. Turned to the short taxiway, following the directions of the guy in the pink shirt. Felt my plane rock, guy hollers on radio that he just bumped me. Apparently wingtips touched. He looked, and left, I got off, shutdown, and and looked. No damage, in fact I can't tell that we touched. I started up and left. I have no idea who it was. Should I:
a. file a NASA report (I forget where to find them)?
b. Call my insurance agent?
c. Call the local, to me here, FSDO?
d. All the above??
e. Forget about it??
f. Have a mechanic inspect it.

If he says all is ok, then forget it about it, and promise next year to take someone else's plane to Oshkosh.
Forget about it, I'd never call the FSDO on something like that because it can turn into all you. The FAA has a wonderful way of flipping things.
There is NOTHING You can do without *** yourself. You flew the airplane without getting it inspected by an A&P. If you open your mouth, Mr. FAA inspector prick is going to want to know what you did.. You say you flew it home without getting it inspected, did ya??? Can I take a look at your license for a moment???

That'll be the last time you see that piece of paper for a little while..

Chock it up to a learning experience...
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Hi, I am with the FAA, I am here to help you. Right! Either you walk away with your license or you don't. Big help.
If they can't read a sectional and tune in a ctaf before overflying an airport with a parachute marked next to it, why doesn't this act surprise me.
Thanks. Pretty much what I thought. I was really not happy, jerk's buddy getys out the passenger door, engine still running, looks at the plane, back in, away he goes. I had to get off, onto the grass, shutdown, get out, look. I can not tell where or what touched. Even the little piece of plexiglass that sticks down to tell me position lights are working is intact. I'm wondering if I'm going to get a nasty gram in the mail. I hope that since no one stopped, no one filed anything, and we are all golden.
sky37d said:
I hope that since no one stopped, no one filed anything, and we are all golden.

Maybe if you're lucky and he's not the guy's wing folded enroute and he's feeding forest animals right now. Karma can be a real bastard, especially to the negligent.

Although, if I may ask - Just how much abuse can an airplane take before it breaks? I haven't had anything break on me yet except a directional gyro.

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