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I got an F/A Pregnant...

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B-J-J Fighter

Royce Gracie in Action
Dec 1, 2001
She just happens to be my wife as well. This will be our 1st kid, its a boy. We were not exactly planning this so soon but we are thrilled and excited about it. We had planned to wait about one more year before trying, it just happened a little sooner than we thought.

Congratulations. All the bs and banter about all these issues pale in comparison to the excitement of a new baby in the house.

Of course, you won't be home much, what with all those long trips in the SR-71 and the U2...LOL

Again, congrats and best of luck.

Man, you sure got my attention with your headline!

Best wishes to the three of you.
Speaking of dependants, My wife and I had triplets back in Feb, 2001. We just found out that were getting a $5,000 tax refund for last year. I bet we get audited too, (0 to 3 kids in one year)

Ours was unplanned also. But I tell ya, I can,t imagine life without her.

THere is a point when the baby turns into this little person and not just a baby you are taking care of. It happened over night for me.

Its hard to explain but you will have that day also, its great.

Best of luck.
The biggest shock of my wife when my wife took me out to dinner after a 10 day trip and said, "Guess what our number 7 is on the way." She was 42 at the time, the little rug rat is right here sitting by my while I'm babysitting today, cute as a button. Congrates now you have something to do on your days off.
Thanks everyone!

Im excited about it and nervous about how my life is going to change at the same time. We have only been married a few months. My wife was a size 1 now shes a size 3 and freaking out about it. I guess pregnancy must be tough.

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