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I Don't Know How To Ident!!!!

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Well-known member
Oct 28, 2002
Another good one. A fresh private pilot who passed his checkride within the last month takes his family flying today. While calling inbound to land I ask him to ident because he's in a cluster of VFR aircraft and I need to know if he is going to beat my Gulfstream on left base 10 miles out or not.

ME: "Cessna XXX ident, traffic a gulfstream 10 Northeast on leftbase for Rwy14 descending through 4,500.

PILOT: "I don't know how to ident."

ME: "You mean to tell me your flying a plane and you don't know how to ident?"

This particular pilot did all his training at our airport, got his private and doesn't know how to ident.

Im just in awe that something that basic yet important goes unnoticed during flight training and a checkride. We are just outside a major Bravo and a private pilot doesn't know what IDENT means. My opinion of today's private pilots has hit rock bottom. Position and hold means nothing to them, they don't understand it. Position reporting. Phraseology, proper radio ethics such as monitoring a freq for a few seconds to see if anyone is speaking. Do the DE's these days even use a PTS or do they just collect their 350bucks and sign the ticket. Truley amazing.
It is a license to learn. I didn't know everything when I got my private pilot certificate.

Though I did know how to Ident, and I could easily navigate class Bravo, I had trouble entering traffic patterns at uncontrolled fields. Good enough to pass a checkride.

It's all what you're comfortable with.
True you never know it all when you get the ticket but that should have been an automatic fail. My question isn't so much the student because they only know what they've been taught. My question is the CFI that flew with him that many times and he never pushed that button infront of him. You don't do that here in waco and they scramble something with guns to see who you are.
No, I usually don't have problems with people identing....its just amazing a private pilot flying in California doesn't know how to ident. I just don't understand where the standards have gone.
Well, its not a pilot deviation, its just amazing how some pilots really don't know a damn thing.
How about the two guys flying from SoCal to Vegas at 7500'. Joshua App. asked them to "squawk altitude".

Guess what # they put in the box? :rolleyes:

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