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HUGE APTAP Conference!!

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Active member
Dec 8, 2001
Although I posted this under the Military Area, I wanted to ensure that nobody missed this info.........

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In an attempt to publicize one of the soon to be greatest conferences ever, I want everyone to know about the upcoming APTAP (Army Pilot to Airline Pilot) Conference in Dallas on June 15th. Several dedicated individuals have spent a lot of time and energy putting this together. For those of you not familiar with APTAP, the website (www.aptap.org) is the result of former Army Pilots who made the airline transition with the frustrations of limited help and networking. It has been put together to assist Army Pilots who are thinking of leaving the Army in hopes of getting a professional flying job. Information provided is based on several personal experiences and observations, which should serve as guidance, not a guarantee. Although it is Army focussed, we have members from all services and invite all who are willing to participate and contribute. There are no fees, although YOUR ONLY DUES TO THIS FREE ORGANIZATION ARE TO HELP ANOTHER APTAPer OUT.

Back to the conference.....The purpose of this meeting is to educate and raise the awareness of what today's Army Aviation and the Army Aviator is all about, in particular, how the the skills we have as Army Aviators and leaders should be recognized and given due respect when looking at civilian flying careers.


We are bringing Army Aviation to the forefront of the aviation world. We are going to do away with the occasionally held stigma and stereotype of the Army helicopter pilot by setting a new standard in the airline industry.

Over the past two years APTAP has held meetings throughout the world and has been able to attract participation from many Airlines. In fact, Captain Plato Rhyne, Manager of Pilot Recruitment at Delta Airlines, has been an avid supporter of APTAP and has spoken at many of our meetings. The next meeting will be held at the American Airlines Conference Center and we are pleased to have the commitments from these individuals and airlines:

Major General Curran, Army Aviation Branch Chief

Retired Lieutenant General Gus Cianciolo (Master Army Aviator)

CW5 Jim Morgan Chief of Warrant Officer Assignments or CW5 Carl Jenkins

CW3 Mark Meyer U.S. Army Warrant Officer Recruiting Command

Captain Bob Kudwa, current Vice President of Operations for American Airlines

Captain Cecil Ewell, former Vice President of Operations for American Airlines

Captain Plato Rhyne, Manager of Pilot Recruitment at Delta Airlines (tentative)

Rob Brantner and Stephanie Heron’Weeber Directors of Training Pan Am Flight Academy

Captain Steve Briner Chief Pilot Comair Airlines

Claudette Carrol Pilot Recruiter American Eagle Airlines

Judy Tarver Pilot Counselor for J.A. Tarver Associates

Pat Freeze Owner of Arrow Films (Currently producing and directing the Huey documentary, In The Shadow Of The Blade and will be filming at the DFW APTAP meeting)

ATTENDING AIRLINES : American, Delta, Northwest, Southwest, American Eagle, Comair, ASA, Northwest Airlink, Transtates, ACA

Several other carriers who have showed an interest and we are currently trying to confirm their attendance are:
Alaska, UPS, Fed Ex, Mesa, Chicago Express, Vanguard, EJA, Flex Jet, Mesaba, Air net, Frontier, Air Tran)

We are currently working on additional guest speakers including a NASA Astronaut, and a Medal of Honor winner who are former Army Aviators.

There will be numerous events all throughout the day. Several airlines will be accepting resumes. We will be conducting mock interviews and debriefings, resume critiquing, counseling and mentoring, technical presentations, guest speakers and guided tours of the C.R. Smith museum and maybe the American Airlines Flight Academy. We are trying to schedule the recuiting command’s New Aviation Van. This is an 18 wheeler that travels the country for recruiting purposes and contains 2 non motion simulators of the Kiowa Warrier and an Apache Longbow.

Several other Commercial Airlines, General Officers of the United States Army as well as the support of many American Airlines pilots that are proud to have worn the Uniform of the Armed Forces will be attending. We have also invited the participation of The American Airlines Pilot Mentor Program to facilitate their exposure to the opportunities of military flying and it’s applicability to the Commercial Airline business. We are still looking to round out our agenda and are excited about the possibility of having speakers from American’s flight department as well as static displays of Rotary Wing aircraft from Bell Helicopter and The United States Army.

This meeting is going to encompass every aspect of the Army Aviation career beginning with your entry into flight school and ending with your transition into the Civilian aviation market.


We are going to have recruiters for the Warrant Officer Flight Program and several university ROTC programs. There will also be other Universities promoting their aviation programs and civilian flight training schools promoting there academies. We have also invited the participation of The American Airlines Pilot Mentor Program to facilitate their exposure to the opportunities of military flying and it’s applicability to the Commercial Airline business. Many of these young folks could really use your perspective and mentoring.

Did you know there are ROTC programs like the one at the University of North Dakota that will completely pay for your school and helicopter ratings and offer you a flight slot in the Army upon successful completion? Also the 200 hundred flight hours you receive in this program will go toward your total time for your master aviator wings.


Chief of Warrant Officer Assignments CW5 Jim Morgan or CW5 Carl Jenkins will be there to answer all of your questions. Find out all you can about assignments, schools, career tracking, promotion and yes stop loss. Find the tools to steer or guide your Army career whether you complete only your initial obligation or you continue to a full retirement.

There will be flight schools such as Pan Am academy who will be offering a transition program for the Army helicopter pilot to the fixed wing community. They have several partner airlines that they work with directly for future employment opportunities. There will be additional schools there to answer your questions about fixed wing training and ratings.

If you have not completed college we will have several universities there to discuss their degree completion programs.


If you are curious about the guard and reserve there will be several pilots to answer your questions about how to get in, how to get out, aircraft, pay, schools, flying, commitment, promotion, deployment, etc.
Maybe make the contacts you need to get that guard or reserve slot.
Freeze Owner of Arrow Films (Currently producing and directing the Huey documentary, In The Shadow Of The Blade and will be filming at the DFW APTAP meeting)

Current Airline Pilots who have benefited from this website to attend and offer support and mentorship to their fellow soldiers and aspiring airline pilots. Those of you with extra buddy passes, offer them up to some of your friends. Contact Gabe and get on the website and post that you will be trying to attend or you will be attending the meeting. We want to see some serious activty on the message board. Those current active duty pilots we want to see the same thing from you. I know there is a stop loss but now is the time you should be preparing and networking because when the flood gates open up you are the first one through. I wished I would have known this sooner I would probably be 2000 numbers senior. Let me put that in a term you all understand. Those 2000 seniority numbers will probably cost me over a million dollars through out my career.


I'm not too far from Dallas and would love to attend that meeting. Thing is....I'm 18 and been a Private Pilot for a year now, and seriously I am considering the Army helicopter flight training. My ultimate goal is to be an airline pilot....but I think Army flying would be exciting, educational, and open up a new world of flying to me....as my goal in life is to experience as many types of aviation as possible. If you could just give me some more info...

Am I too young to be taken seriously at this place?

How will it be conducted??....because I would love to be able to sit down with some one who has been through this and ask some questions....

If you know any information that would be useful in my case it would be greatly appreciated....the meeting sounds like a good starting point, and I am planning on attending...if there is any kind of registration or anything, please let me know.

Much Thanks in advance,

You absolutely can attend and no, you are not too young. You are exactly what the Army folks are looking for, someone who is interested in their program and Army Aviation as a whole. In addition, you get to see the civilian airline side of things as well. I think you will really enjoy it. It promises to be a very educational and fun event. So many different angles of aviation in one place.

There will be gobs of people there that will be able to tell you what Army flying is like (including myself). Also, don't forget, there are many different kinds of army flying, assault, attack, lift, fixed wing, etc. I think you will have a blast at this conference and learn a lot too.

Also, one thing I forgot too mention to help clarify for people is that I'm just trying to spread the word about a great event. APTAP is a non-profit organization with folks trying to help other folks. That's it.

Langston, go to www.aptap.org and then go to the message boards and you will get all of the info you will need. There is a gentlemen named Gabe who you need to let know if you are planning to attend. If you need help, write me at [email protected]. I can help get you signed up with Gabe if you know for sure that you are going. They just want to know how many people to expect at this event. It should be neat. It's at the American Airlines Academy. Hope to see ya there!!

I recommend this organization to anyone!

Although I'm retired, and non-rated, I know several people who are involved in APTAP. They're a great group of pilots. Their primary interest is to advance the careers of fellow Army aviators.

I know several pilots at Comair who received guidance and networked themselves through APTAP. Several APTAP members are mow at major airlines following their time at Comair.

Fly safe!
Ive been involved with them for two years. They have helped probably hundreds of individuals find jobs with the airlines. Remember that you dont have to be associated with the Army in any way. They will help any one in the Military regardless of the branch as well as civillians. So even if you are already a 121 guy, the APTAPers would love to see ya. It is all free and you cant loose.

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