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How's this for discrimination?

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Nov 26, 2001
I just ran across this ad and hoped BobbySamd was around to read it...

CV-580 First Officers for Fast Track Upgrade needed for on-demand all cargo Part 121. Excellent pay. Minimum requirements: 60 years, ATP, 2500TT, 500 PIC in Multiengine Turbine. Must be willing to relocate to Port Isabel (KPIL) Texas. No part time. No commuting. Previous cargo experience preferred.

I thought at first that it might be a typo, but they have the same requirements listed under their ad for captains.
What do you see in that ad that's discriminatory?

Are you reading the requirements that say "60 years, ATP, 2500TT, 500 PIC in Multiengine Turbine," and assuming this means that one must be 60 years old to apply? It's a Part 121 operation.

Less than 60 years old.

I don't see what's discriminatory about the ad.
Wow, avbug. You sure know how to take the wind out of the sails of what was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek thread.
Sorry. My funny bone was removed as part of a life saving proceedure following a 1982 parachute accident. Two years later my sense of irony was irreparably damaged during surgery after a very large dog bit the hand that was feeding it. Still further, my sense of perception was erased on the counsel of a wise doctor who felt it best after an extended dive in which I went too deep. At first the doctor was content to eliminate only depth perception, but in retrospect, decided to take out perception altogether.

Presently I'm dealing with a phobia of ships and boats, particularly those without motors. Any time I see a sailboat, I start to shake and cough. My only recourse is to suck the wind from the sails and stow them, making it once again safe for passage. I'll try to do better.

For now, let's start over. Holy cow! They only hire 60 year old pilots? That's not fair? They can only use them for a year! ACLU! ACLU! Attica! Attica! What are they thinking? They must have a terriffic turnover! I hope their groundschool is short because they've got less than a year on the line! Where are they going to find Part 121 pilots who will quit their 777 job to take their last year in a Convair? Are they out of their collective gourds?

Or does it mean they're only hiring 60 pilots?
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IMHO all true boats and ships have sails, the rest are cars and trucks that float.

Makes sense to me that they'll only hire people 60 or older. Only they can use IFR monkeys effectively.

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