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How many folks has Fed Ex hired ?

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Well-known member
Feb 18, 2002
Does anyone have any info on how many of the 225 to 250 guys Fed Ex was going to hire this year? I heard they started with about 90 guys in the pool. Have most of the remaining 160 or so slots been filled yet?

Still waiting for my call. Thanks in advance.

If I recall correctly; 2 classes of 8 in Jan, 2 classes of 8 in Feb, 2 classes of 8 in Mar so far.

I am currently in one of the Feb start classes. From what I have heard, 2 classes of 16 in April and I heard a rumor of 2 classes of 24 in May.


For what it's worth...

A friend of mine is scheduled to interview in Apr. He was told they were interviewing for a May class date.
Interviewed during the week of March 18.
Called by Kim on March 27.
Class begins on the 6th of May.

It is my understanding that they have a long way to go for the quotas for the year.
I was in the sim building yesterday and I spoke with the big guy himself. He said that the company says they will hire 250 this year but he believes it will be more like around 300. I say keep'em coming. Good luck to all you guys.


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