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How many FEDEX swimmers ?

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Nov 26, 2001
I recently got the news I was put in the FEDEX pool. Interviewed late Oct. Any ideas on how many currently swimming ?
Congrats! I'm not in the pool, but was expecting a call to interview just prior to 911....I didn't know they were still interviewing after the attack.

Do you have any info of how many more interviews they may do this year? Any gouge would be helpful.

I'm swimmin'

I'm swimmin' with you (Sept interview). I think there are 70-ish.

See you in MEM in the spring.

I got the invite early Oct. Interviewed late Oct. and was told we were the last of the interviews for the year. Have heard rumors that interviews will resume the first of the year and classes will start again in Feb. Best of luck.
I talked to Mr. John Ryder two weeks ago and he said there were "50 pilots in the pool and out of 7500 applicants only @ 2500 qualified" . He finally said they expect to start interviewing early next year.

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