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How long is upgrade time at Skywest?

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no matter how short the upgrade time is, you still have to meet the mins for upgrade. I believe Skywest is 2500 total? Correct me if im wrong. Here at 9E it is 3000 total.
18 months right now!! but plan on 2-3 years. You need ATP time and maybe 3000tt? + 1000hrs 121 crew time. (I think)
Colgan is 9 months to a year You'll have enough time because we need you
Our last round of upgrades the RJ went 14 months from DOH out of ORD. The 120 is now more senior than the RJ.
Brasilia upgrade is going to go EXTREMELY junior over the next few months to a year. It's becoming very difficult to find F.O.'s with the 2500 total and 1000 121 turbine. Many jet F.O.'s are staying put for upgrade in the RJ, so we're going to get very short on Brasilia Captains. Hope this helps!

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