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How legal is j4j/LOA 81?

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Freightdog 4 Life
Dec 18, 2001
I'm not affiliated with any USAirways Express outfit but I've been trying to follow the whole j4j/LOA 81 situation since it could have a significant impact on the regional hiring scene.

What strikes me as curious is what right or power USAirways wields over a private company allowing it to demand that company hire furloughed USAirways pilots? Midway's deal to fly as USAirways Express requires that half its pilot list consist of furloughed mainline USAirways pilots. Is this legal? Will this end up in court?

Maybe someone with a legal background or more familiar with the details can explain. Thanks.
I think that's why they're calling it "Jets FOR Jobs." In other words, U is saying they will furnish more biz to the outsourcer companies, but in return, the companies have to agree to hire U's furloughees. Not rocket science here. It's a business deal. The outsourcer companies can turn it down at will. . . . . but, then they don't get the added business. Sounds pretty simple to me.

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