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How do I get the SOE removed from my liscense?

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Well-known member
Sep 18, 2003
I just broke the supervised hours required on my type to make it unrestricted. (25 hour soe) Does anyone know the easiest way to get the SOE removed? Can I go to any FSDO? Is the FAA going to scrutinize my entire logbook (audit?) or will they just want to see the 25 hours there? Do I need the pages signed by my DO or CP?
It's my first time dealing with these regs so any insight is appreciated.
Thanks :)
As long as you can show in your log book that you have 25 or more hours of pic then go to the local fisdo and show them your logbook and then you will fill out a new 8710 and get a new license without the limitation on it.
It's got to be in the left seat ("the seat normally occupied by the PIC") and you are supposed to be "performing the duties of the PIC" or flying the airplane. Obviously it can't be actual PIC since you don't have the unrestricted rating, so it's just "logged PIC."

When I did this I had the captain just sign my logbook in the remarks column. I don't think you would need a letter or anything but you could call the FSDO and find out.
Depending on the person at your FISDO, having a letter from your employer would help, as well as having your logbook or a copy of your flight logs.
There is a required endorsement If I remember right. From the person that was the "suervisor." PM me and I can send you the info straight from the FAA.

I noted the SOE flights in my log book and had the PIC I flew with sign the endorsement. I coompleted an 8710 and took it to the local FSDO. In and out in 15 minutes. He didn't look too deep at anything. Just your standard look over for any big mistakes.

It wasn't a big deal.

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