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How are TDY assignments handled at....

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Nov 28, 2001
How does your airline handle tdy at comair,awac,skywest,psa etc.

pay....min day?
per diem?
option to volenteer?
how is it assigned?
length of assignment.

This is a new thing at ASA and the company at least right now only wants to pay 24 hr per diem if we do not fly. They are assigning tdy just at random.
it's not new-they did it when we had LAX too. Not sure about the per diem thing, though.
Not a new thing at all. I remember being TDY'd to DFW for 5 days on reserve. Never flew. Got paid 24 hour perdiem. Basically your their insurance policy. You will get the same paycheck as if you flew. Go, find out about getting around town, and enjoy all the museums.
Supposedly they are coming out with some language to calirify how its assigned and to whom as well as how all the pay/credits work out. I got to do 5 days of it recently. Was pretty awesome sitting in the hampton inn for 5 days. They also have the credits messed up. I only got 2 hours credit on the days I deadheaded and it has me messed up in the bucket now. Hopefully they will get it sorted out.
Doing it right now and it's still F'd up. Even got to do ready reserve! I don't really get how we don't get min day while we sit in a hotel. And like the above said, only shows 2 hrs credit. Yet has me dead heading 2 days. That at very least should be 3.75 for each day.
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I agree. S.H. actually told me that pilots are complaining to himm about us getting ANY credit if we are on tdy and do not fly. They are more than welcome to volunteer and enjoy their free room. Otherwise STFU.
If anyone thinks we should be there without min day credit is an idiot.
You do get the min day. The contract is quite clear over it.

Did you talk to the chief pilots? Did you file a grievance fact sheet?
SkyWest gives you min daily guarantee (3.75 hrs) per day you are TDY'd and do not fly OR whatever you fly (DH, fly etc), whichever is greater. This goes towards breaking guarantee where as sitting in domicile waiting to get called equates to no credit toward breaking the 75 hr guarantee for the month.
I talked with S.H. As of last night we DO NOT get min day. He told me they are trying to work something out but as of now we are not getting min day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supposedly there are complaints from other pilots that if they sit in atl and receive no min day then why should those on tdy get it.
I did not file a fact sheet yet. As of now there is no reason until SH decides which way to go.
Yes I talked with 2 chief pilots.

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