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Horizon to purchase Alaska

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Well-known member
Jan 28, 2002
I had heard that Horizon was going to purchase Alaska, they are then going to sell the MD's and turn the rest into cargo.:eek:
Word has it Ameriflight has just closed the deal on buying Horizon now on top of Horizon's move on Alaska, and it's a done deal. So that means the former Alaska MD's are going to the lessors, the 737's will fly freight for Horizon, the Dash 8's are going to be flying scenic flights in the Grand Canyon, the RJ's will be put in the desert and the Ameriflight Navajo's will be retrofitted with a luxury 2 seat cabin for the VIP frequent flyers. :rolleyes:
Wow I had bet management will have to call back all the furloughed FO's and I had better start looking for a house in the desert. Sorry according to the Tacoma news tri the airgroup has not put anyone on the street after 911.:confused:

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