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Horizon Air Pilot's Discontent

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Active member
Dec 6, 2001
Horizon Air

This is a company I'm interested in applying at a year down the road, and I'm looking for the inside word from the pilot's perspective.

I've heard a lot of the pilots are not happy there. I'm curious about what some of the specific problems are at the company, and what, in your opinions, it's going to take to make it a better place to work.

Thanks in advance for your analysis and insights.
Well things are looking up at Horizon. It has been rough for a few years as we have been in contract neg. We now have a contract that is liveable. It will take the company some time to get used to this. Horizon mgt. is known for not giving a **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** for the people that work there and they show it each and every day. They are in the habit of doing what they want and have about 6 major contract violations that are being worked out. It seems that it is cheaper to violate the contract and pay the fine than follow the contract. All this and the contract has only been in place about 4 months. This will not last to long though. It is getting much better here. New aircraft, new routes, better pay, good rigs, great people....

some pay factors are $24.25/hr DHC-8-200 FO first yr. $36.75/hr CRJ/F28 FO 3rd yr. Minn Guarantee 75hrs. for reserve lines, 80hrs for flying lines per month. $1.55/hr per diem.
FO's get paid for what aircraft thier seniority can hold. not what they fly. So if you are hired into the CRJ-700 you get Dash pay until you can hold it. If you fly the Dash, but can hold the CRJ, you get CRJ pay. this is to keep training costs down for the company. ie, FO's don't switch aircraft.

All in all, good place to be, and looking better. More Questions? ASK!!!

Fellow Sioux

Thanks! Good scoop Dash.

I'm at UND too -- have come back after ten years away to resume my flying career, finish off the little remaining for my Bachelors and likely get a Masters.

I can say with total confidence that Horizon is someone I would want to work for, warts and all. In addition to the positives you mention I think the other pluses for someone in my position would be the wonderful opportunities they offer to people from UND, and the chance to settle in the NW. I'm a native of the Seattle area.

Any more questions pop into my head, I'll definitely take you up on your offer to bring them forward. Thanks again!

Was just wondering if Horizon was still planning on letting some of their FOs go due to the fleet transition?

70 FO letters went out in the mail. I belive that thier are about 20 o the street at this time and the rest are supposed to be spaced over a 6 mo. period. The word is that we will not F-low all 70. The F-28 will be here a while more and the CO. is trying to get more CRJ's to fly the new routes.
As was stated before, FO's get paid on seniority, so there is no such thing as a 1st yr CRJ pay scale. it is Dash. Horizon only has CRJ 700's and F-28's for jets. pay is the same. Jet fo payscale = 1yr $24.25, 2yr $35.70, 3 yr $36.75, 4 yr $37.80, 5 yr $38.85 / Jet Capt. 1yr $60.14, 2 yr $62.01, 3 yr $63.91, 4 yr $65.90, 5 yr 67.94. Keep in mind that the most junior Jet capt is like 8 yrs at the company. most have over 10 yrs with horizon. so if it takes you 8 yrs to get to a jet capt. seat, you get 8th year pay in that seat, this is $74.43/hr.

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