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Horizon Air Crj's...

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Well-known member
Jan 12, 2002
hello...wondering what the 6 yr crj capt pay is at horizon....how many crj's do they have now and orders....

also, what about the q400? 6 yr capt pay and how many do they have now and orders....

when they start hiring will these a/c be newhire planes??? or better yet do they pay the same for newhires as the dhc8-200?

Horizon's pay scale

We have thirty CRJ's on order, number 15 arrived this month. We do not have any other 400's as of yet, but the rumor is we are trying to get more aircraft. Sixth year CRJ Captain pay is 70.04 per hour, but the you have to be at Horizon for about 12 years to think about the RJ as a Captain then it is 85.61. Sixth year 400 pay is 64.44 per hour and you have to have been here 10 years to think about that plane as a Captain then it is 74.11. Sixth year 200 pay is 49.80 per hour. We have about fifty on furlough and forty downgrades, my self being one. I have heard we will start call backs at years end (Rumor not hard fact). The CEO would like to increase ASM's by 20% per year for the next three years. We are also opening new route up with some frequency. All aircraft are open to new hires. The company places you where they need you. All newhires start at 24.98 per hour date of sign plus 12 (dos is the 13 of septmber 2001). It then changes on date of hire IE the top 88 FO's receive RJ pay the next group end up with 400 pay and the bottom group with 200 pay. As people leave or upgrade the pay scale changes.
Hey unwashed,

would you mind posting the date of hire of the most junior captain at Horizon? just curious how long the upgrade is at the present time. sorry to hear of your downgrade.


August 26 2001 was the last new hire class. That was also my upgrade class. They where let go on the 02 of Jan 2002, I think. I was at Horizon two years six months and three days to upgrade. I took the first class offered to me. When we do start upgrade again I think I will have been at Horizon about four and half to five years. That is just a guess on my part. Downgrade has not been that bad, I have a six dollar per hour override for being downgraded and I am biding sixteen out of about sixty. The big one is, I have a job!
I think I just flew with you!!!

You said I was the best Pilot ever born!!

Is that you---kinda goofy looking, like me--hehe
You would know if you had, your nose hairs would be burning. We haven't gotten running water yet, but the say it should be any year now. You would have to take control of the plane on landing (I haven't gotten to that chapter in the book yet).
You are definately a QX Pilot. No running water and you stink. One good thing about being at the bottom is there is only one direction you can go!!!!!!

I probably should shut-up. Lots of unemployed pilots reading.

ps-cl65@350-- 6 yrs and RJ will never be in the same sentence at this airline. 15 yrs and a reserve line is more honest..
good luck

Hey Unwashed,

Dont pay any attention to Fitzy. I used to work, drink, party, chase women, and hunt with him,...untill he confessed to me he was a homosexual. Much like some of QX's flight attendents.

To all Horizon Pilots,

Thanks for all the rides you give to this lonely Mesaba Guy. By far I think Horizon is the best regional out there for customer service and aircraft flown. Wish I was there, but I got wrapped up in this operation at Mesaba. Anyone want to trade jobs? Soon to be downgraded too.

Born and raised in EUG
Well Horizon is not any better, I have been out of the left for nine and half months. Toomany of our downgrades still wear the bars and the egg on the hat and it can be confusing to passengers and ground personnel alike. We are happy to give anybody a ride, our whole airplane is considered a jump seat so any open seat is yours. With the down grade just sit back relax and enjoy the ride. This to shall pass.

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