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History Channel featuring FedEx - "Jobsite - Deadline Delivery"

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Active member
Oct 23, 2005
A few months back the History Channel came into GOC and filmed dispatch as a part of this show... from the History Channel's website:

"A hospital patient is waiting in New York City for a radioactive pharmaceutical that could save her life, but it has to be shipped overnight all the way from China. We'll follow a global team of FedEx shipping experts as they fight the clock, from initial package pick up to delivery the next morning, we'll see a package-eye view of the entire process that enables any package to go anywhere, in under 16 hours. But, when an unexpected weather storm throws a wrench into their complex system, will this global shipping team be able to recover lost time and get our package, and thousands just like it, to their destinations before it's too late?"

Showing Tonight, Wednesday, December 30 1000pm Eastern and again Thursday, December 31 0200 AM
Hmm schedule messed up here.

Darn.. have Direct Tv.. has the cement segment but not the listing for Fed Ex dispatch and the medical story.. the History channel verifies what you say.. so I'll just tune in anyway.. they prob messed up the Tv guide in D tv.. thanks for the heads up..
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Just watched the special......holy cow that's intense! A couple of questions though....
#1. We really have to get diagnositc medicine like that all the way from China?
#2. Does FedEx prioritize the driver's deliveries? It seems like that package to the hospital should have been the first one delivered, not the last stop. I'm sure that shipment to the building where the freight elevator took 10 minutes could have waited until the end.
Great show... would love to work at the MEM hub...

bgaviator, I don;t think the drivers know what is in the packages.. soing alot of business with Fed Ex myself, I believe everything is based on the type of delivery service was requested and paid for...

As to China.. Hmm, that sucks, but remember most of the meds we use here are from international locations.. H1N1... good show though
Cool show, I watched it Wednesday night. I didn't realize they kept "spare" airplanes in the air on call like that, very interesting to say the least.
the show was terrible. a large majority of the "facts" presented were completely inaccurate. it was painful to watch.
darn... wish i had cable TV. cant afford it.

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