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Hilton vs. Marriott

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Well-known member
Feb 13, 2006
I am currently a Hilton guy but am thinking about switching to Marriott. Seems like they have more properties and it also seems like their points go a little further.

Might want to ask the road warriors the same over on the flyertalk board. Pretty in depth and informative.
If I fly into a city I usually try and book Hilton first, Marriott second, or Priority Clubs third. Pretty much I am covered by at least one of the three. I am Hilton Diamond and Marriott and Priority Club Gold. I use the points to take family trips. It used to be easy to make Hilton status (before they switched to a calender years instead of a 'rolling' year). It takes a lot of night to make Marriott Platinum, that is really my only complaint with them. Priority Club (Holiday Inn and affiliate properties) are pretty generous, but then again, they have to be, LOL.
I prefer Marriot, but I haven't gone wrong with Hilton either.

My "hell no" hotels are:
Holiday Inn (not Holiday Inn Express)
Motel 6
Super 8

Everything else is ok usually.
Holiday Inn's are so hit or miss... some are nice and others are roach motels... I am a fan of Hampton Inn's.

The only thing that sucks is I am a silver member with Marriott and hate to wait to get to platinum status. I am a Diamond Member with Hilton so making the switch is a tough choice. I don't think I fly enough to maintain Platinum & Diamond but maybe so.
hilton vs. marriott. you're splitting hairs. I just saved about 3500 american yankee dollars on vacation by using hilton free night certificates awarded by signing up for promotions. Marriott also has promotions where you can earn more points. Location, time of year and level of hotel will dictate the amount of points needed for a free night.
By far the Hilton Program is the BEST!!! No one else offers both points and miles, I prefer to stay at Hiltons first for that reason, Marriotts second and Priority Club Third.... Plus I have a Hilton Visa Card and get 3 points for every dollar spent, My current Hilton Honors account is up to over 1 Million points, all being saved for when I retire

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