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high alt endorsement

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New member
Nov 26, 2005
Does anyone know of any online resources for completeing the ground portion of the high altitude endorsement? I found the king schools online one...but 250$ is about twice what it would cost to just sit down with a flight instructor. I'm looking for an affordable way to get the ground portion done. Thanks.
Hey sky rocket, he didnt ask if you cared. He asked for advice. Leave your misery elsewhere.
I got mine through the FAA wings program. Call oak city or look online and see if they are planning on doing one near you. Took a day and it was free.
sky rocket...did you sign up just for one post?? sad...really sad.

firefly...don't pay $250 for a King course. Ask your local FSDO about any local ground school stuff - help out a fellow CFI and pay them since they're working hard to make some cash. Its not a tough thing, just a couple hours of your time, but not 250 dollars worth of it!
My CFI buddy had his and we got together (with beer) and completed the ground portion.

Cost to me: a 6 pack.
See...it is soooo much cheaper than John & Martha. Plus you don't have to watch their antics!
Thanks everyone....I'm looking at doing the high altitude chamber ride at a local AF base. Apparently the training along with the associated ground training qualifies for the requirement. 50$ or so...
So Firefly are you gonna be able to go into the hyperbaric chamber?? I've been through survival training and they always show the videos of the chamber when we discuss hypoxia and decompression sickness stuff...

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