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HF radio for east Russia and Asia?

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Jul 11, 2007
I need to plan a flight for a ferry flight to south east asia. we have about a 900 nm range and need to go via Alaska, Russia, Japan, China. I'm a little worried about Russia and Japan airspace and airports. Is HF radio required over there? and if not, is it advisable? From what im seeing a Radio costs about $85K to buy and install. The owner doesn't want to buy it (of course). Anyone with experience have any advice?
You should be able to do everything with you VHF... The real issue is going to be weather. It can go to cr@p in a heart beat out there, regardless of what the forecast says, and alternates are few and far between in the Alaska/Siberia world.

All direct routing... And today, Nov 25 forecast winds at FL390 down the chain are in the world of 50 to 90kts and pretty much right in the face for the whole trip.

Cold Bay to Adak 534nm

Cold Bat to Attu 880nm Holding Adak as Alternate

Attu to Petro 531nm and hopefully able to get back to Attu

Adak to Petro 932nm Attu is your Alternate but I would not even go beyond Attu unless it was clear all the way to Moscow.

Do you have APIS or some other kind of satellite weather service for the plane? I would makes sure that everything looked good before my last PNR along the route... meaning that you have rolling PNRs as you cruise down the chain.

Good luck... be safe!

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Go the other way and make a cool 5-6 day trip out of it, and remove all the worries about weather and range issues. You'll have fun doing it instead of worrying. Piece of cake.
I wouldn't think of a North Atlantic crossing in the winter as a breeze either but compared to the Aleutians and Siberia it would be pretty appealing to me with the range capabilities that were described.

I've never been to Attu but just looking at the picture and airport info on Airnav makes me wonder (no instrument approaches listed).
Attu is pretty desolate... flew there a few times out of ANC, but that was with a LR36 with the Avcon tip tanks and could fly around forever...

Like mentioned above, go the other way and avoid the hassle... the Aluetians can be quite a crowd pleaser in the winter. I think there's an online camera at one of the airports out there on the chain that shows a live picture, as well as a looped video for the past 24 hours.

Enjoy the trip whichever way you go.
why dont you just call atlas and they can stuff that little bugger in the side door and drop it off in pudong for ya.


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