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Hey Chase or MLB!!

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Dec 9, 2001
Chase, MLBWingBorn, or anyone else who might know ...

Any truth to the below thread -- SWA has meetings on Monday and may not have called any/very many folks on Monday.

Those of us who haven't heard the DB results yet are curious, to say the least.

Personally, my emotions are zipping around so fast and in so many different directions that I'm a waste product.

At least I was able to compartmentalize it for a while this evening--enough to go fly around central/south Texas for a 3.7.

Good luck to all.

Some phone calls were made. Today, tomorrow & probably the next will complete the phone calling process. Patience is the key. Unfortunately there will be more bad news than good news considering 80-90 out of 250 were chosen.

Backup plans are a must in this business with the current hiring trends. I run in to folks several times a month that talk about hiring trends being positive at certain places, i.e. Pan Am taking possession of 25 727s from United, exec jets hiring, etc. Having all your eggs in a SWA basket isn't wise considering the odds.

Don't take my response as a negative to SWA. My first responsibility would be to keep my family comfortable, that requires some foresight & planning. Use this waiting time to pursue other options versus worrying about whether SWA calls or not...use the time for the purpose of getting a job...any job until you can get to where you finally want to be. If it is SWA that's great but life will go on without getting here. Enough of my rambling. Good luck to all, God Bless,
hey chase, I am on your wavelength

A spotty corporate career and a long dry spell has made this so important, but mine has a 135/91 opportunity locally, which came up in the last two weeks. Although it is not SWA, it seemed a good way to kill the 6 months until his class. Now it seems like a better way to have a consistent employment record until the clock ticks off to try for his third interview.
(Ok, we are still trying to look hopeful BUT...)
No matter what is REALLY happening, those holes on the resume are hard to explain. Not all of the moves have been up and not all the employers were good guys. Fate is a b-word!
Again, tell the wives they are not alone out there. You guys are worth the trouble! (Well, sometimes!)

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