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Hevent Posted In A While?

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Well-known member
Oct 13, 2005
Haven't Posted In A While?

Still out and about doing limited ferry work nothing but brand new planes no more old clunkers over the ponds!!

I Love being 100% debt free (I Am Simi Retired) and only having consumable's for bills. It's been over a year already wow time goes fast..

I think I clean up very well sure does help with the clients!! Here I am after a meeting with a client at Cirrus with the brand new SR20 I am ferrying over the Pacific this month... I Have circumnavigated the earth a few times now in GA Airplanes in the last 3 years..


International Ferry flights Inc.
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Your point, other than poorly tooting your own horn is what, exactly?

It's "Haven't posted in a while," not "hevent," and unless you're in Simi Valley, it's "semi-retired."

Doubtless the masses are pleased to hear that you think you clean up well. You bathe then, do yo?
Nice suit, by the way. I don't understand a couple of things, though.

You look like you are 35. So, at 35 and (presumably recently) out of debt, you are now "semi-retired?"

And that tag line, "U.S.A. = Underprivileged Slaves of America." What does that mean?

Just asking.
This is the same guy that talked about hunting strippers or something.
He and AVBUG got into a pissing contest years ago. It's sad I know this crap but that is the world we live in.
NW Pilot is a work and a wonder, from his detailed braggings about lesbian open marriage and multiple marriage partners to his public invitations to Private pilots to help him ferry airplanes internationally. From time to time he threatens to leave the business and aviation, goes quiet, then comes back to post increadibly stupid things for a brief period. While entertaining, he's more representative of a fly that needs swatting.

He sought out private pilots to help him do overseas delivery, last year...


Some of the great, intellectual quotes we have from NW Pilot include...

I could care less about how big of a fat slob rat you are! Like I said your to scared (chicken poo) to say anything to my face when presented the opportunity.

There is no other feeling like flying an over gross weight single engine to light twin over the ocean's ending up in some exotic places most of all having your own schedule.

I am addicted to female humans... dose that count?

I got booted off another forum full of stuck up elitists jet pilots when I was going through the aviation blues.

There is always a way just turn the brain on hopefully before you hit the bottom.

Detroit can be a very hostile place... a mini west Africa in America.

I agree there were so many corners cut.. scares me I flew it across the USA....

Sorry, I don't like star trek!!! But Humans are a Spectator Sport!!

I am ordering my Videos for my CFI written tests on monday gonna study them on my next trans Atlantic flight take my FOI and CFI on my return.

I was just assaulted and strangled in Newark, NJ by a customs/department of homeland security agent, He has been reported to FBI and ACLU I had it all audio recorded on my phone till they found it and deleted it.. Well off to go take a cirrus to France told FBI if I am ever in fear of my life again I will defend myself. Our Government should not do this to Us!

Tell him to not be greedy and leave some if the dope behind! If he is lucky he can make a second load.

I don't trust anyone but myself with a firearm!

Yea, I hate the sunlight also!!!!

I busted my first private ride, I busted on pattern entry & unusual attitudes

I know many seedy people in this world

Few years back a few of my friendsand I had a contest who could collect the most fake checks over a year. The winner won with over 780 Million dollars in fake checks some looked real.

I have been to many meetings Mother, Sister, Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins are Methamphetamine & Pill Addicts my Father is an Alcoholic.

Avbug we know your a controlling type and you cannot use Fear to control me as I am immune not afraid of death been there don't that not so bad rather peaceful.

Yep, Was dead an entire 3 min when I was a teenager motorcycle accident I was a dumbass and did not ware a helmet oops my fault!

I believe Your a Chicken Crap Punk with out balls that hides behind a computer screen!!!

I speak American just fine!

Better watch the creative spelling for cretin words that what they band me for!!!!

Sorry, I am no longer going to talk about my ferry flights. You can thank the flamers for that.

Well wife and I are going out Female Human Hunting tonight got to rest!

I will post on occasion but I will be mostly be a voyeur from now on! No more posting/reporting on my Ferry Flight's!

I know the risk's and the consequences in what I do and I accept them which most do not. Then people keep trying to tell me the risk's and the consequences of the way I earn a living!

I love flying overweight flying Gas Cans across/to places most fear and/or are not willing to go.

You all can now wait till my book is published may take many decades to know the conclusion of this adventure.

Sorry I am not a decedent from the French.

I am not sure what Planet I am a decedent from I know I was given birth to by a human on Planet Earth with a life goal of leaving it's Atmosphere.

I Have been ditching training!!!

Yes, it's my personal aircraft, Yes I take it IFR currently Inspection for VFR ony. If I had CFI or II price would be a lot more than $35.00 an hour. What I am offering is you fly under the hood and I am safety pilot.

Yea, I am with you on this one I almost failed my eye exam and noticed I had to squint a bit more this year but I went to my medical on 3 hours sleep And amped up on energy drinks.

Do You realize How many HCB's (Homemade Chemical Bombs) one can make by just going to most any grocery store? Everything to make a real nasty one can be brought in powder form through airport security! Activating the ingredients after mixing is H2O or An Aluminum Can that is served in flight.

When I am out and about on long trips away from home I I go Female Human Hunting and find me a Female Human Play Gym. Some of them can be a real work out!!!

OK, returning from my latest ferry flight I get off the plane and there are 2 Department Of Homeland Security Officers Checking Passports and my name on a paper next thing I Know they take my passport and ask me to come with them for an interview just like my last trip to Atlanta when the same thing happened just the bunch of usual Questions about my trip to Lebanon etc. I ask them why i am being detained they told me i should have been told when i was detained in Atlanta my name is on the IBIS list and I will be detained and searched for clearance every time I reenter the U.S.?

Ever knotice when a PA28 gets about an inch of Rime on the leading edges it sets the stall horn off till the ice breaks off no matter what your angel of attack is hahahahahahaha!!!!

Whether it's ferrying cessna 150's to Peru on three cylinders, failing to get NOTAMS and turning back after 1200 miles of oceanic flight in a piston commander, or getting stuck enroute somewhere after ferrying partial panel, or bragging about his lesbian wife, it's always a freak show. The personal details really ought to be his own, but he posts them so often, and brags about them. What has concerned me more often has been his own childish braggadocio for stupidity. It's not a pissing contest, it's an ongoing indictment for which NW Pilot is little more than an anxious participant.
Interesting comments and link.

Sadly, the real reason folks take risks is often due to ignorance of what the true dangers really are. I don't mean to assume that this characterizes NW_Pilot, but those who take risk in general (stocks, drugs, unsafe flights, etc.) tend to not be as aware of the repercussions or dangers to themselves. Often, even as one gets older, their sense of mortality increases and risk-taking begins to decline. This is usually the result of gained wisdom generated internally from the declining physical and mental abilities which facilitate these actions as well as a more in-tune understanding of foolishness. One need only look back on the stupid and dangerous things one did as a teenager and wonder what the heck they were thinking.

Flying is an exercise in risk and energy mangement.

What you don't know (hidden risk not factored or calculated) can hurt you.

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