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Here we are again!

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Member since 1999
Nov 26, 2001
Here we are again.... I like the text font/coloring feature!
very cool....much easier flow than old..

Very cool. Much easier flow to read replies than old board. Thank you again for all your hard work over these years. I will be making a donation this week.

I hope others will be able to find 25 bucks or so to donate, too.

Think of how much a subscription to Aviation Week & Space Technology costs (which you can't get in bookstores, by the way) and I challenge you to argue that you get less out of this board than that magazine. I know they're geared to different things, but this board is an excellent tool for networking, at least. Something that is invaluable.

Thanks again!!
Desert Falcon, is that one of Eagle's F-27's at Grand Canyon Airport???Used to fly in there with the 727 all the time, now I am on the 737 and all we fly over is water, miss it.
Question for you

I used to fly for Scenic and I noticed that you have flown both the DH-6 and the F-27. when I was there they were separate pilot groups. (I left in Aug. 99)and I left because they would not let you transfer airplanes and after three years on the otter I felt I needed to get some high Alt & IFR time. so whats the scoop.

Thanks for the reply. Sounds like more of the same. I can't complain Scenic was real good to me. They were talking about that 2yrs ago going from DHC-6 FO to CA to F-27 FO to CA. sounds like it may finaly happen. Flying was alot more fun at Scenic, But you have to move on some time.
I used to fly the Fokker for MAC as well, and I thought it was a cool old airplane. Quirky, yes, but cool nonetheless. I liked the engines that turned the wrong way, and it really taught me how to land in a gusty crosswind! What a handfull. I also miss the Southwest, as I'm from PHX. You guys are making me homesick! MAC had a similar deal with transferring, as you needed pic time to fly the Caravan, before you could be captain in the Fokker. Too bad you didnt build any pic while you were an fo! That's why I had to leave. You guys take care.

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