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New member
Jul 27, 2005
I need to know if Pan Am International Flight Academy is a worthy flight school.
I got accepted into their program a month ago and I keep calling and emailing them and have gotten no reply.
you might want to run a board search on them... not so favorable comments.. also they just recently shut down their FL campus and centralized in AZ (i think).

Although I am surprised you haven't gotten a call from them considering you represent another $100k to them.. I'd be careful about throwing all that money at that flight school... my advice, go the FBO route, save yourself a ton of money, and get where you want to be just as quick. Don't be suckered in by their name and fancy advertisements.
Yeah they are now just running out of Arizona, another big problem for me considering I live in Ohio. I would have to move there plus pay tuition, a loan amount around 87,000 dollars. So what is this FBO route? I of course am hardly a pilot, just a lover so please gimme some more info.
I would estimate you could get your private through CFII/MEI for ~$35k at a good local FBO. You'd likely be able to do this in the same amount of time if you're committed.

Visit a couple of airports near where you live, talk to some instructors, CPs, current students.. I'm sure someone on this board could recommend some local flight schools in Ohio (close to your hometown). I think AOPA's website has a flight school directory that could also steer you in the right direction.

Just be wary of flashy ads for these high priced flight schools. They'll promise you the world because you're another $100k they can take to the bank. And I'm not saying none of them deliver on their promises (some try, and some don't), they just cost WAY too much. Most on this board will discourage them, and advise you to invest that time/money on a more economical route.
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