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Help with LOR

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Nov 28, 2001
Hey guys,

Can anyone help me with LOR. I havent written one since Cindy Hamilton was in charge. I dont hear you guys talk about her so I guess there is a new person. Who is it. Is that who I should address the letters too? Thanks.

Welcome aboard all you guys in the new classes. Ive been here 2 1/2 years and love it.
Hope this helps!

Jennifer sent my letter for an interview, and we were told there to address all letters to her:

Southwest Airlines People Department
Attn: Jennifer McCallion, HDQ 4HR
PO Box 36644
Dallas, TX 75235

Per the following message pulled from a post from the Master of SWA Prep, Rob Beeks, the PD wants you to fax it to:


The following is a little more than you asked for, but good info for all..

Posted on the SWA ops web site [1/21].

TO: Southwest Personnel

FROM: Southwest Airlines Pilot Recruitment

SUBJECT: 2002 Pilot Hiring

DATE: 21 Jan 2002

Many of you have called your Chief Pilots and HDQ inquiring about our current Pilot Recruitment efforts and plans for 2002. Needless to say, we are receiving an overwhelming amount of highly qualified applicants. We are currently forecasting to hire 200 Pilots in 2002. Please note the following changes for our 2002 recruitment efforts:

U.S. FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. Non Restricted U.S. Type Rating on a B-737 preferred for interview. Non type-rated candidates have six months from date of selection to complete their type ratings. Although preferred, a candidate may apply without a B-737 Type Rating.

Must be twenty-three years of age at the time of hire.

2500 hours total or 1500 hours turbine total. Additionally, a minimum of 1000 hours in turbine aircraft as Pilot in Command. Recency of experience is considered. Simulator, helicopter, WSO, RIO, FE, NAV, EWO, and other time is excluded.

Candidates must possess a current FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate at time of application.

Graduation from an accredited four -year college is preferred, but not required.

At least three letters from any individuals who can attest to the Pilot's flying skills. These letters must be included with the application. Failure to comply will result in a returned application. You, the Employee, are an invaluable source of information about a candidate. Please send your recommendation letters via ax to 214-792-1169. This number is dedicated for Pilot Recruitment and your letters will go directly to our Pilot Coordinators.

When reviewing the Supplemental Pilot Information forms, interviews will be granted on a competitive basis. All interviews are being conducted at HDQ with the same interview format as last year. Applicants can expect a formal response to their status in eight to nine weeks after their interview.

Please visit www.southwestairlines.com and follow the prompts to the career section of the website. All required forms and information for Pilot Recruitment are available for download.

Chief Pilots
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