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Help crossing the pond

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The King Lives!
Jul 8, 2005
I have to brief my squadron on the ins and outs of crossing the pond enroute to the desert, with stops in Canada, Germany, and Greece on the way (yes, we're C-130's, now no more scurvy jokes). However, I haven't done it primary in over 2 years, and have forgotten some of the finer points of oceanic clearances. Anyone got any tips, or reg/website recommendations to make life easier? Thanks much.
The Jepp N. Atlantic HI has virtualy everthing you will need to know for getting a clearance in either direction. Also you might look for the latest edition of the MNPS manual. I think the most recent is edition 9 but I know edition 10 is right around the corner if not already out. Do a Google search and you should be able to lacate it. One other source would be AC91.7. Fairly large document and a little bit dated but all the basics are there. Don't you C130 folks still carry a Nav?
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Forget the oceanic stuff and bring your drinking boots. Just remember to take care of the E's at the bar and they will take care of you.Cheers!
DOn't forget to check the flow control info in the NOTAMs in Europe. Also...dont forget to looka t your slot time on the sheet they give you if they give you your clearance prior to stepping.
I actually got out of Rota in 15 min from the initial "Oh S__T" to takeoff. :)
if you aren't AR capable then it's mostly the Navs gig with the Master Chart and Fuel Log and ETP.
Are your C-130's rvsm?, if so ,go to the notam page and print the nat tracks, they will list the freq's to pick up your oceanic clrn. and give you the number to repeat to oceanic controllers, that you both are on the same sheet of music.
Very important things to remember.

Canada - St. John's: Irish Pub

Germany - Ramstien/Frankfurt - Any Bar

Greece - Stay way from the homemade uzo and don't eat chicken cooked at any small eatery near Souda.

Have fun.

I was just in St johns a couple of weeks ago myself. It is a nice place to go to, especially if you can find a squawk that keeps you there a couple of days.

One good irish pub I found was Bridies on George St. Good food, good pints of guinness, and some great music on weekends. There were some C-130 ANG personnel there when I was in there.

Heck I went across in a warrior, should be a bit easier in a C-130 :)

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